National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages (NCOLCTL) Volunteer Policy

Policy Statement

The National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages is a non-profit organization whose sole aim is to advance the learning and instruction of Less Commonly Taught Languages in order to promote dialogue between different cultural groups represented within the United States.  In this regard, NCOLCTL fosters an environment that brings together LCTL professionals, students, government agencies and businesses in the furtherance of its agenda. Moreover, volunteers play different significant roles as they donate their services to the Organization through a variety of skills that they possess.

Definition of a Volunteer

A NCOLCTL volunteer is an individual who renders a service solely to the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation.

All volunteers MUST register for the conference, if they are presenting a paper at the conference.

Types of Volunteer

Persons over 18 years of age interested in promoting LCTLs. It could be a Student/Faculty/Staff affiliated with a US or Non-US University

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

Become part of something or a cause larger than yourself

Evidence of strong interest in your career

Build a network of professionals

Learn new skills

Make a difference within your community

Duties of a Volunteer

  • Usage of technology equipment, such as computers, Internet, fax machines, copy machines and printers.
  • Clerical office duties – editing, proof reading, answering calls etc.
  • Computer tasks using MS Office programs, Basic Graphic Designing, etc
  • Manual help with organizing office space
  • Travelling to and helping with the NCOLCTL Conference – eg registration, etc.
  • Audio-visual tasks

Guidelines for Volunteers

NCOLCTL accepts the service of all volunteers with the understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the organization. Volunteers agree that NCOLCTL may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to terminate the volunteer’s relationship with the organization.

The volunteer may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to sever the volunteer’s relationship with NCOLCTL. Notice of such a decision should be communicated as soon as possible to the volunteer’s supervisor, before the conference begins.

Volunteers must also observe the following:

  • Agree to commit to a minimum number of hours of service over a designated period of time.
  • Receive orientation and training from a NCOLCTL staff before they begin their time of service.
  • Dress appropriately in order to present a good image of NCOLCTL to the outside community
  • Be punctual and notify their supervisor in advance if they are unable to be present at their scheduled day/time.
  • Not make any unauthorized expenses in the name of NCOLCTL.
  • Exhibit appropriate conduct. NCOLCTL will dismiss a volunteer for reasons for theft, impoliteness, fraud, refusal to work amicably with fellow volunteers, violent behavior, intoxication or illegal drug use on the job, breaking any State/Federal laws, and so forth.
  • You will be expected to pay for your own food.


NCOLCTL values its volunteers and their services and will always provide an environment that will enable them to participate meaningfully in NCOLCTL activities. The office will recognize volunteers who actively perform their duties to the best of their abilities and remain loyal to the goals and procedures of the organization. Volunteers may request an evaluation of their performance after a period of service to NCOLCTL.public requests for information from members, government agencies, businesses, advocacy groups and other associations. Building relationships with professional counterparts in other professional organizations, advocacy organizations and other community organizations through organizational initiatives and jointly-sponsored collaborative programs.  Aiding in the development, implementation and management of external communications efforts. Building and fostering long-term working relationships with various publics of importance including media, members of the community, public affairs offices and other organizations.  Serving as the coordinator for communications materials including journals, newsletters, bulletin materials, online content, program announcements and the annual report.  Responsible for the production of NCOLCTL annual conference report and other conferences and meetings that NCOLCTL participates in. Preparing monthly summary of progress reports and update.  Coordinating, publishing, and disseminating the association annual news letter and public relations policies.