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Planning, proposing, and implementing a successful  STARTALK Program

Facilitator: Betsy Hart, Anna Jacobson, & Mouna Mana

Proposal Type: Workshop-Half Day

Summary: The STARTALK program offers qualified applicants $90,000 to implement summer programs for LCTL teachers and LCTL language learning programs for K-16 students.   These programs generate strong interest in the target language and have resulted in a large number of academic year and after school LCTL programs, as well as fostered strong relationships within the communities. 

This workshop will introduce participants to the process and the thinking behind developing a summer STARTALK program.  We will begin by using backward design principles to plan out what your students will know at the end of the program, and will use this as the basis for creating a successful proposal.  We will also introduce resources available on the STARTALK website to facilitate your program planning.   By the end of the workshop, participants will have the information necessary to successfully apply for a STARTALK Summer Teacher Preparation or Student Language Program.

Proceeding step-by-step through the process of planning a program and developing a proposal, the participants will be guided on how to effectively define program goals and objectives, utilize various types of assessments, and implement successful activities in support of a unifying theme or topic.  They will be encouraged to work collaboratively to brainstorm ideas that will drive their programs.  They will discuss how to adapt their teaching to meet the needs of language learners at all ages, from grades K – 16.

Participants will experience different forms of assessment practices and activities that are commonly used in effective STARTALK Programs.  In their collaborative groups they will consider how these activities could be used in their own potential STARTALK program.  The presenters and participants will also discuss the procedures, including the timeline and support provided by STARTALK Central if a proposal is successful.  The participants will work together to develop an action plan for recruiting students and instructors and dealing with logistics such as scheduling issues and location-based concerns.

Research has led to STARTALK application data that indicates that not everyone who starts a STARTALK proposal successfully completes the application process.  By the end of this workshop, the participants will be prepared not to only complete an application, but also to plan an exciting summer opportunity for LCTL teachers and LCTL-learning students.