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Hands-On Training On Using Web 2.0 To Teach Language as Culture

Facilitator: Muhammed Tamimi

Proposal Type: Workshop-Half Day (4 hours) [could be extended to a full day upon request]

Summary: This workshop aims at training K-16 teachers on using Web 2.0 tools to teach language as culture. Participants will be introduced to software, techniques, strategies, and examples that use such tools in teaching culture. In addition, participants get to work in groups to develop their own lessons to teach language and culture using such technologies.  Arabic will be used as a model, but all other languages/cultures can be used/represented.

Abstract: This workshop is meant to train K-16 teachers in a hands-on manner to use Web 2.0 technologies in teaching language and culture. In a report for Pew Internet & American Life Project, Levin, et. al. (2002) shows that the quality of students’ internet-based assignments given by their teachers are “poor and uninspiring.” (p. iv). Therefore, such a workshop will help teachers align their students’ assignments to cope with their teaching goals and take into consideration the needs of their students. 

Participants will be trained on various strategies and techniques using Web 2.0 tools to teach foreign language culture. These tools include Mobile Devices, Dropbox, Voice Thread,  Eyejot, Panopto, Moodle2/D2L (Course Management Systems), Blended Teaching, Hypermedia Software, Prezi, Engrade, BYKI (Before You Know It) Flashcards, Wearable Technology, and any other tools that might emerge before giving this workshop. Arabic language and Arab cultures will be used as a model; however, these tools can be used to teach any other language/culture.

Participants will be then divided into groups where they choose a tool(s) they feel comfortable with and are asked to develop a lesson that teaches a specific aspect of any culture they prefer.

The last part of the workshop will involve group presentations of the lessons they developed followed by a discussion and feedback.

At the end, a wrap up will be discussed highlighting and disseminating the benefits of using such tools in teaching culture inside and outside classroom. A Facebook page for the workshop will be developed for future collaboration and exchange of ideas/lessons/outcomes.