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Paper Introduction :Styles determine how people perceive listening and awareness of their strengths and weaknesses (Pearce, Johnson, and Barker, 2003). Styles of listening could be addressed and examined, and, as a consequence, people would understand the need for improvement, using suitable listening styles depending on the circumstances (Brown, 1995). Brown, C. (1995). Personal listening profile. Minneapolis, MN: Carlson Learning Company. Pearce, C. G., Johnson, I. W., & Barker, R. T. (2003, January). Assessment of the listening styles inventory. Journal of Business and Technical Communication. (17)1, 83–113, Sage.
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This research will analyze the results of a research on listening styles in second language learners.  Listening styles are essential for second language students and they are necessary to identify a person's usual or preferred listening behavior.  One way to help students enhance listening in a foreign language may be to identify styles they use when listening and then helping them to improve those listening components that need support.