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There are 3 track types of papers that can be presented at the NCOLCTL 2018 Conference.

  • Individual PaperEach presentation is allotted a total of 30 minutes: 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for questions and discussion. A paper should focus clearly on issues related to the main conference theme. Papers may be based on original research or practical experience.
  • Colloquium - Each panel allows for extensive discussion on a distinct topic. There are two different blocks of time: 1 hour and 30 minutes (typically 3-4 presenters/discussants) or 3 hours (e.g., 5-6 presenters/discussants). Colloquium organizers are to address topics that will foster dialogue among attendees and also address the conference theme. Preference will be given to colloquia that cut across different languages or language groups. Only limited numbers of tree-hour colloquia will be selected. 
  • Poster PresentationA poster session may focus on completed work or work in progress related to the teaching and/or learning of less commonly taught languages. They may be in either the traditional poster format (e.g., presentation of materials, or of research completed or in progress) or demonstrations of instructional or information technology. (NB, any proposal in this category requiring technical support must specify in detail the type of hardware or software needed). Poster presentations is allotted a total of 60 minutes.

Although proposed presentations may focus on individual languages, each paper should strive to address issues with relevance to many languages. These proposals can be generated based on any of the topics listed below. Other topics relevant to the conference theme are also welcomed. The focus of session topics include:

  • Foreign Language Instruction in K-12 setting
  • LCTL  Material Development
  • LCTL Teacher Training and Development
  • LCTL  Methodology
  • LCTL Sustainability
  • LCTL Innovation and Technology
  • LCTL L2 Research
  • LCTL Testing and Assessment
  • Research and Assessment in Foreign language Teaching or Learning   

Other topics for consideration may include: heritage language learners, bilingual education, autonomous learning and self-instructional settings, distance learning and technology integration in LCTL learning and teaching, outreach and advocacy initiatives, curriculum and materials development, and professionalism. 

To submit an abstract:

  1. Select the appropriate track for your paper from the given options.
  2. List any technological needs other than AV projector or screen for your presentation in the "Comments for Conference Chair" box. e.g. My presentation requires speakers, My presentation requires an internet connection etc. This is an optional entry. (It is assumed    that all presenters will have their own laptops to attach to provided projectors).
  3. Add the co-authors of your presentation (This is especially important for colloquial presentations).
  4. Add the title and at least 50 maximum word for abstract introduction. This will be used in the program if your paper is selected.
  5. Attach supplemental materials such as a page and a half long (1000 word max) proposal.
  6. Make sure you hit the "submit" button at the end to submit your abstract. You can correct your paper before review process starts. So if you want to change your paper title or anything on it, just log in again and select your paper for edit. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SUBMIT ANOTHER PAPER.