Shared Solutions for Common Problems

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Co Presenter:Taimur Khan
First Name:Bryan
Last name:Anderson
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Name of Institution :NFLC
Country:United States
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Technological Needs:Multimedia Projector,Multimedia Speakers
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Over the past decade, the National Foreign Language Center has produced over 12,000 learning objects, video learning objects, and assessment objects in over 80 languages and dialects. It has also produced over a dozen full-length courses and job aids, both language and non-language related, on topics as varied as critical thinking, translation, ILR-level passage rating, and Arabic variants identification. Because of this rich and varied content, the NFLC decided to create a web-based portal that houses the majority of this material. The purpose of this presentation is to illustrate the nature and variety of these materials that are now available to the public via NFLC’s web-based portal.