Shared Solutions for Common Problems

NCOLCTL Past Presidents / Directors Panel

This year is a perfect marker in time, as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of NCOLCTL, to reflect on the path we have walked together and the interesting dynamics we face ahead. In this session we have invited past presidents of NCOLCTL to speak from their experience about our past, how to be strategic now and what beckons as we focus on the future. Please join us in this strategic reflection of our role in the bigger vision, the success we have achieved and where to focus to expand our role in meeting the education needs in a world with fast-moving geopolitical dynamics.


Teresita Ramos   1990- 1993
Eyamba Bokamba   1993- 1994
Gilead Morahg 1994- 1997
John Shillinger 1997-2000
Fredrick Jackson  2000-2002
Antonia Schleicher 2002- 2004
Michael Everson 2004- 2006
Gautami Shah 2006-2008
Hong Gang Jin 2008-2010
Catherine Ingold 2010-2012
Alwiya Omar 2012-2014











Executive Directors

Richard Brecht and Ron Walton

Scott McGinnis

Justin Rudelson

Antonia Folarin Schleicher