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Addressing Language Shortfalls for the Americas

The Intelligence Community, the Department of Defense, and the entire Federal Government have critical needs for a workforce with professional level foreign language proficiency as well as a deep cultural understanding of other people and nations.  This includes the Americas.  While the Intelligence Community proper doesn’t focus so much on indigenous Native American languages, the Federal Government as a whole does have a keen interest on preserving, knowing, understanding, and communicating in the many languages of the Americas. 

We need your help to develop the workforce of the future and we will help you to improve your own programs with our government efforts like STARTALK and the National Security Education Program (NSEP).  But, all of us have work to do because the task is important and there is no time to waste.  We have done great things to expand the network of foreign language recruiting, education, training, and programs like SCOLA, STARTALK, and NSEP.  Yet, if the public or our senior leadership are not aware of these successes, then our audiences are not likely to take full advantage from them. There are challenges we can work together on:

· Market the programs to get the word out

· Set stretch goals and highs standards for ourselves

· Fully leverage the resources we have

· Embrace Human Language Technology

· Provide leadership at every level

Dan Scott, Deputy Assistant Director of National Intelligence / Human Capital, Office of the Director of National Intelligence


Mr. Scott has 40 years of national security, intelligence operations, and foreign language matters.  A 1979 USAF Academy graduate, he began his career in airborne reconnaissance operations.  He served as an Olmstead Scholar in Spain, and exchange officer to Venezuela and in assignments in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Venezuela, and Qatar.  Mr. Scott worked on requirements, planning, policy, and legislative affairs on the Joint Staff and USSTRATCOM.  Because of his operational background, he was selected to be the Deputy Director of Intelligence at USCENTCOM for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Subsequently, he served as the Assistant Commandant, Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center and led the way to increase DOD capability in foreign languages.  In 2008, he began his career with the ODNI as the Director of the Foreign Language Program Office.  In 2012, he was selected to be the Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO) for the Intelligence Community and is focused on developing the talents and leadership capability of Intelligence Community personnel.