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Using case Vignettes and Dialogues in teaching cross-cultural business Communication

This workshop instructs language and business faculty on how to use dialogues from actual business exchanges and vignette cases with executive comments as a hands-on pedagogical tool in teaching cross-cultural business communication. Vignettes and dialogues drawn from actual conflict situation (or combination of several actual situations)
Dialogues: Dialogues are short exercises involving roughly 6-12 sequence of exchanges, highlighting one or more cross-cultural differences
Vignettes with executive comments. The vignettes are used in Kelm and Victor’s Georgetown University Press book series. These are longer than dialogues and more complex in content. The vignettes, though, are intentionally shorter than a full business case (3-5 pages) but long enough to develop depth. The vignette describes one central figure who is from the United States interacting with a target second culture, followed by executive comments on the case. The vignettes are used first as student response to the case, then as student response to the executive response to the case.


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